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Dec 15, 2012 7:00am PST
. >> the detectives will analyze everything to find out why the action came to the school. we are hopeful that it will take a complete pitcher to why this happened. >> she has been treated, she will be ver i have been informet are not allowed to answer that. what i like to do is get the next portion today and i do not want to keep you here all day. will like to get the superintended here and the town leaders to discuss certain areas of her responsibilities and then will get the medical examiner up here as quickly as we can. will get the list of ids and all the information out to you. >> the lieutenant and i have put together a written comment so please do our rush my vehicle because we will bring you more the next time we come up. this is just the basic details of everything leading up to today. we will try to be back here within ourthe hour. >> it was reported to a german was taken into custody. after the shooting we did a thorough search of the area and everything that we examine of refunding body of the woods they were detained. there were another arrest associate with this. >> i will
Dec 22, 2012 7:00am PST
leaders to take action. karen caifa reports from washington, where members of congress have also left town. >> the next few days i have asked leaders of congress to help work out a package. this will protect unemployment for millions of americans. >> remarks came after john boehner failed to muster up -- >> we had a number of our members who just did not want to be perceived as raising taxes. >> the two sides both left for christmas holiday and they blamed each other for not acting. they stated that more action is needed from the gop. >> we will need to have a bipartisan solution. >> the next move will need to call from the present. >> he is the only one who could door. this is not john boehners problem to solve. >> in washington, i am karen caifa. >> and now to connecticut were new details are emerging about sandy hooke elementary school gunmen adam lanza. for those who know him say that he was an awkward, peculiar kid who wore the same close to school every day. if they say that glance up rarely spoke once. is that he gave school presentations entirely by computer. he never said a word.
Dec 23, 2012 8:00am PST
ensure the safety of women. such actions have stopped the protesting against the protesting. >> coming up on kron 4 news weekend. more rain in the bay area today. there are some troubling issues s f o is reporting delays of 1 hour 37, oakland, or in san jose are not reporting delays however. >> take a look offsite at this live look at the bay bridge. look-out a side. >> good morning, janu has our forecast. >> good morning, marty. we have seen some areas of light rain of/moderate in the some areas however seeing some clear conditions. however, not the case along the peninsula and san francisco. three tents in the richmond area, pacifica, one-quarter of 1 in. per hour. towards the south bay the light rain indicated by the green. and los gatos a system expected. he bit heavier in places like walnut creek, danville and san ramon. the rainfall rates one-half inch per hour. there is a wind advisory for the north bay until 1:00 p.m. and the east bay valleys. that will be in effect. indicated by the blue. the stormtracker 4 you can see moderate downpour. and stormtracker 4 put it is going to pres
Dec 2, 2012 8:00am PST
look at the golden gate bridge. >> >> one east bay community is taking action against property. kron four's jeff pierce explains some of the best area are replacing those tags with impressive images. >> when fifteenth street between webster and franklin in downtown oakland was the target of spray can taggers art gallery owner jaime galinda and his friends in the art community came together to attack the problem with street art. >> i'm an artist, my friends are artists, my wife's an artist, let's beautify the neighborhood through art, paint over the tagging and graffiti that makes it look horrible and replace it with beautiful vibrant art. i'm really happy what we did out here on this block but i wanted to take it a step further. >> while the art collective gave the street a whimsical sense of innocence galinda wanted to demonstrate that true graffiti art that comes from the street. transcends the crude vandalism the neighborhood suffered from. >> crayone did the dragon, he did the face, here in this corner is blaze aka picasso, this wall was done by nate one, this corner here and the
Dec 16, 2012 8:00am PST
the press." immediate action on the new this morning. >> diane feinstein commenting on gun-control. >> we are having an opportunity i'm going to create a nationwide committee to support this bill. >> feinstein plans on it could have a strong impact. bloomberg is well known for his position. >> it happens again and again there was another shooting yesterday for people were sugh killed in a hospital. there were they killed in a religious organization, we kill them when they're young, old, and we have to stop this. in his comments he said that this should be the number- one issue for president obama. when he talked about the shooting on friday he did not give specifics. and also of importance it is quite cold out there. and people are concerned on weather or not there is going to be more rain fall. >> correct, more wet weather is cloudy and cold. the stormtracker 4 showing that it is a dry run the bay area. there is a storm moving that will linger. sunday will be okay if cloudy but do not cancel your plans i know that there is a raiders game. you will be fine. there could be residual showers
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5